New Screening Procedures For Carry-On Items Are Coming

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Passenger Lines at KCI

Like it or not, new screening procedures for carry-on items are coming to the airport(s) near you.

In the latest string of implementations, Hector International (FAR) airport in Fargo, ND, became the latest airport implemented with TSA's new and stronger carry-on baggage screening procedures.

TSA expects to implement new screening procedures at all US airports by Spring, 2018. So what does it mean?

It means, "the new procedures [will] require travelers to place all electronics larger than a cell phone in bins for x-ray screening when going through the security checkpoint." The travelers will place electronics in a bin with nothing on top or below, similar to how laptops have been screened for several years.

Additionally, new procedures will require travelers to arrive at the airports at least two hours prior to their flights' departure.

The good news is, the new security measures will not apply to travelers - like twoGlampers - who are being screened in a dedicated TSA Pre® lane with TSA Pre® coded boarding passes.

twoGlampers highly recommend readers to enroll either in TSA Pre® or Global Entry (GOES) program. Global Entry membership includes TSA Pre® membership.

Moreover, we also recommend our readers to read TSA's article, "What can I bring," prior to traveling, and to save your time at the airport.

Tip: If you are in doubt with any of the items you are carrying? Simply take a picture of your item in question and send it to @AskTSA on Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

We also recommend downloading the TSA app - link provided on our, "Travel Resources," page - to save time and stay up to date with latest airport conditions.

Spring will be here before we know it and along-with it the new and stronger TSA carry-on baggage screening procedures. New procedures will require travelers to arrive at least two hours before their flights' departure. twoGlampers highly recommend utilizing all the resources mentioned above to have a safe, smooth, and time-saving carry on baggage screening experience at the airport.

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