Kansas City To Get First Transatlantic Flight

Kansas City
Icelandair to Kansas City

Glad tidings, Kansas City - home of the twoGlampers - is finally getting its first transatlantic flight.

On January 9, 2018 Icelandair announced seasonal service to the "Paris of the plains" commencing on May 25, 2018. "Icelandair’s Kansas City service will offer three non-stop flights a week from Iceland, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, with easy connections between Europe and North America," stated Icelandair's press release.

twoGlampers have lived most of their lives in Kansas City, one of us was born here. We can assure you that the "City of Fountains," is one of the most under-traveled, under-rated, and under-appreciated destinations in the United States. Most of it may be due to the lack of a state of the art airport. This problem will be eradicated in year 2021, when Kansas City (MCI) will get its brand new airport. So, in marketing terms, Icelandair already has, "first mover," advantage.

Rivermartket Kansas City
Rivermarket KC

During our many glampings, we found out that not many people know where Kansas City is situated and what it has to offer. Here is a little guide:

  1. Kansas City is dead smack in the middle of the United States. It is near both the population center of the United States and the geographic center of the 48 contiguous states.
  2. Kansas City is the 37th largest city by population in the United States.
  3. Kansas City is situated in two states: Kansas and Missouri.
  4. Kansas City is also known as the the City of Fountains; Paris of the Plains; BBQ Capital of the World; Jazz Capital of the World; Heartland of America, and recently Soccer Capital of America.
  5. Kansas City has everything to offer, from casinos to outdoor adventures, as any other big city in America, but without traffic jams and pollution.
  6. Kansas City is a historic city - the Civil War started not far from the Downtown.
  7. There are at least 33 free things to do in Kansas City. These free activities include: Free transportation. Free admissions to museums. Free admissions to parks. And many other activities, which would cost visitors no money.
  8. Most importantly, people of Kansas City are one of the friendliest people to meet in America.

Kansas City, historically, has had little access to international travelers due to the lack of international flights. Icelandair's three times a week service will fill this gap. The new service will not only connect Europe to Kansas City, but also Kansas City to Europe. Previously Kansas Citians had to fly to major hubs like Chicago, Denver, or New York to travel to Europe. At times, layovers had been as long as the flight time to Europe. With Icelandair's new service; the layover will be shorter and in Iceland. Who would not love to visit the land of Fjords, lava fields, Northern Lights, and relaxing baths in hot springs?

May 25, 2018 is around the corner. What are you waiting for glampers? Book your tickets to Kansas City, or if you are in Kansas City; venture out!

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