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Sunnyside Resort
Our rental cabin at Sunnyside Knolls Resort, Estes Park, CO

Glamping is where stunning nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts.

People who "glamp" are known as “glampers.” This is who we are – two glampers from Kansas! And yes, glamp, glamping, and glamper are legitimate words. Look it up!

We have a flair for traveling in style. We enjoy various cultures, stunning modern and historical architectures, gorgeous sceneries, and pristine beaches. We like to fly the best airlines, glamp at the best available hotels or B&Bs, and eat at the best restaurants. Meanwhile, we are not afraid of packing our bags and driving hundreds of miles; donning our joggers and trek mountains; or slipping into our bikinis and swimming trunks – no speedos – and swim in the lakes . Doing all this while saving as much money as we can!

Anantara - Dubai
Our accommodation during trip to Dubai

We have a flair for traveling in style.

Two Glampers are not nomads, vagabonds, professional travelers – although we would like to be someday – or gypsies globetrotting 360 days a year. We do not rent RVs – well, “Habibti” would like to do it someday – campers; stay on campsites, or in hostels. We do not hitchhike, work in fields, or freelance to pay our way.

Using shared accommodations and restrooms are not our forte, even at an Airbnb. Having said the above, nothing is wrong with doing any of the above-mentioned activities. If this is your passion and this is how you like to travel then follow your passion! Sometimes, it is the only way to see the world.

We are your average working couple. We believe in, “work hard and glamp hard.” We have full time, working eight to five and sometimes longer; Monday to Friday spilling over to weekends, all year long corporate jobs. Just like most, we travel during our vacations and holidays. However, when we travel; we glamp, and we glamp in style!

A fool with a plan is better off than a genius without a plan.
T. Boone Pickens

You must be thinking, “Oh, they must be high up on a corporate ladder that is why they can afford all this.” Nope, not true at all. We believe in T. Boone Pickens’s quote; “A fool with a plan is better off than a genius without a plan.” But we are no fools, we always have a plan. We scour the web, research exhaustively, make plans A, B, and C; and then put those plans in motion while saving as much money as possible. In other words, we tend to travel in four star style with two star budget.

With this blog; we aim to provide you with tips and tricks we use to glamp; sights and sounds of places we visit; and views, reviews, and opinions we experience. Connect with us and see how we travel!

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We would like to hear from the luxury hotels, resorts, airlines, and tourism boards.

Two Glampers would like to hear from the luxury hotels, resorts, airlines, and tourism boards. We can provide you with our years’ worth of travel expertise, promote your locations, write product reviews, and unbiased first person experiences. Please visit our Work With Us page.

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